If you're familiar with Greybox, the pop-up window: http://orangoo.com/labs/GreyBox/

I'd just like to know how I can get it to pop-up not in the center of the page.

I'd like it to pop-up on the left side of the page.
Is that possible? If so can you help me accomplish this?


Their online documentation is not very extensive. In term of positioning on center option is documented here. I suggest to join their Google group and ask there for other positioning options

Thanks for that link. It shows this:


GB_showCenter(caption, url, /* optional */ height, width, callback_fn)


<a href="http://google.com/" onclick="return GB_showCenter('Google', this.href)">Visit Google</a>

I just don't know where to place this code example. In the CSS file?

Any additional help will be appreciated.

Also, fyi, upon linking from Greybox to their Google group it shows:,
"the group named greybox has been removed because it violated Google's Terms Of Service".

The first is method signature, a description what sort of arguments this method is expecting.

The second is actual HTML tag that you will place into your document. It is an anchor tag or hyperlink providing URL to be used and it is calling the method described in first code example that is part of Greybox scripting.

Yes, as you observed Google group is closed, dunno what they did (sorry I did not check if group is active before posting). However main page of Orangloo Labs holds link to Amir's (author) blog. That would be the best way to get in touch with author and as questions directly fast progress, instead of some else trying to going through project coding and trying to figure out if there is option for any other positioning.