I am really really stuck on a feature I am trying to do. I have a main page which contains an Iframe to a different script.

I am trying to pass the username of the member to an iframe so that the script contained in the iframe can identify the member!

My main page script and the script within the iframe both use SMARTY templates.

I have managed to set it up so that the IFRAME address contains the userame in the URL ...example


However ... when I load a page and try to either print the $user or add it to a form value it doesnt seem to work!

I have tried using the $_GET method and really need to know if there is some way of doing this? I am trying to think of a way of maybe putting the username in a page and then including this in the iframe page but not sure how to go about it!

Is there a way to overcome this problem? Im not sure if my php.ini and server settings are interferring!

Any ideas?

Please help as this is really important!


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My thoughts would be that you have in some way put the variable down in the wrong way. Can you post the code so as I can take a closer look?

Also try taking a look in firefox right click on your page and then click source. This should give you two tabs "Page source for http://...." and the other is most likely your iframe source. Check them both just to make sure you are posting the variable correctly.

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