I'm a bit confused but I think I know what Im missing. Story goes, I have a website which allows users to upload logos - I want them to be able to upload new logos if they want to... but the page that allows them to change their logo also allows them to change other details and so if they leave the image box blank I want to the website to ignore it and make the other changes (to names, addresses etc)...

I've tried using if(isset($_POST)) and various other if's, all relying on that imgfile being 'posted' - i have reason to suspect that it isn't being posted though and I need help in writing a if statement that will check if that 'file path' has been entered or not... please help, i really appreciate it!


Did you try

if(empty($_POST['imgfile'])) {
        //nothing posted
 } else {
         //image has been uploaded, proceed with the next step