I have a simple problem that I just can't get right. I have a site that sells photos. The photos appear on PHPSimpleGallery with the file name as the photo's name. I need some sort of script that, if the user select the photo (via a button or something) that filename must be added to a list that will be emailed to the client. Some of the galleries have upto 400 photo's uploaded at one time so I can't use the convensial MySQL catalogue or cart scripts, any ideas on how to make this possible?

Thanx in advance

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list the images in thumbnails, 30 images / page

if the user like the image, make a link to each image to add to a cart (session variable)

then build an image to tell the user, send to the client/friend or something you need.

this needed an image lister with simple thumbnail function.


Perhaps placing images into a zip file would also help (only one file attachment). The image filenames can be added to a session array (as mentioned above). However, it may be best to store the file 'ids' in the array until you need to output to zip.


An ajax call would be good for this - click a link - send an id value to a js script which sends the id to a php script where the id is added to a session array variable, e.g $_SESSION. No other data needs to be included until checkout, unless you want to give a running total of the cost. The ajax php script could search the db for a price OR you could pass the price along with the id to the javascript button (I wouldn't advise this method).

In a real app, you'd need to create a js 'event listener' to deal with link/button clicks, but you can experiment with the much-maligned inline 'onclick' attribute. If you're actually using this site to take money, just be careful.

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