Hello All,
PHP newbie here ... I have the following code working to retrive the last 50 records from a reservation database:

/* Databasae Variables */

/* Database Connection */
mysql_select_db($database) or die ('Unable to select database'); 

/* Select last 50 records */
$query = "SELECT * FROM reservations ORDER BY customerid desc LIMIT 50";
$result = mysql_query($query);

/* Output Data in table */

echo "<html>
	<style type='text/css'>
	    td {text-align: center}
      <font face='book antiqua'>
      <h2 align='center'>Reservations Log (last 50 reservations)</h2>
      <font face='book antiqua' size='1'>
      <table width='1800' align='center' cellspacing='5' cellpadding='3' border='1'>
      	 <td><strong>Full Name</strong></td>

while ($i < $num) {

echo "<tr>
 	 <td><a href=\"$customerid\">somepage.php</a></td>   
	 <td>$firstname $lastname</td>
	 <td><a href='mailto:$email'>$email</a>	</td>
echo "

The database has a lot more info but it doesn't look good to view it all in one page. So I would like to setup dynamic links (line 57) for each record and when the user clicks on it, another window will open listing all info for that particular record ...

I am heavily researching the subject but i'll apprecaite any hint from you guys ...

Thank you all :-)

Welcome waelaltaqi.

You can modify line # 57

<td><a href=\"somepage.php?customerid=$customerid\" target=\"_blank\">somepage.php</a></td>

and write following code in somepage.php

    $sql="select * from yourtablename where customerid='$customerid'";

Worked like a champ ... just to undestand a little better, by setting <a to:

<a href=\"somepage.php?customerid=$customerid\" target=\"_blank\">

is that like passing a $_GET variable?

Yes, you may use $_GET.

i think problem is solved no need to answer.