I a newbie on using the phpmailer. Correct me if i wrong.
I create a html index page that a submit form. When i fill up the detail on the form press send it will send mail to my email account using phpmailer function.

Question why i cant recieve the email after i press send.

I have four file put into EasyPHP. index.php , send.php , class.phpmailer and class.stmp.php

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1st, have you configured PHP mailer to use your SMTP (Mail) server?
2nd, Are you sure you gave it all the right peramiters
3rd, (If you have done the above) post us some code so we can see what's going on, try the form page and the processor



Yea, it's kind of hard to debug code you can't see :)

I'm guessing that your code is failing to send the mail (for any number of reasons, which we need the code to deduce) and that your host is suppressing the error messages.

Try adding this to the top of the mail processing page and see if it generates any errors:

ini_set('display_errors', true);
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