I use phpMailer to send authenticated email. The mail i sent goes into bulk or junk folders in yahoo and hotmail. They should go to inbox. How can i solve this problem?

$mail = new PHPMailer();				
$mail->Host = "mail.myserver.com";			
$mail->SMTPAuth = true;				
$mail->Username = "username";			
$mail->Password = "passw";				
$mail->From = "mymail@xxxx.xom";				
$mail->FromName = "name surname";			
$mail->AddAddress ("xxxx@ssss.com");
$mail->WordWrap = 50;
$mail->Subject = "Hi";				
$mail->Body    = "Dear customer";
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I think there is no a 100% guaranteed solution for this problem, no matter you conform to standards or not. I use gmail and constantly i have mails from friends of mine going into the junk folder, unless I explicitly mark them as not spam.

I think that when the spam filters find an e-mail address matching their spam validation rules, they mark it as spam...
The good thing is that not every mail server in the world has as such paranoid spam filters as gmail and yahoo, so the solution of pritaeas my work in most cases other than yahoo, msn and google...


You could also try taking "Hi" out of the subject line as most antispam systems will bounce it because of that.

Good Luck


Hi and Dear Customer are often found as precursors to unsolicited bulk mail. It may not be a problem with the phpMailer, but a problem with what you are trying to do.

Anti-Spam servers perform detections based on a number of factors. The server you are sending from should be written into DNS correctly with both forward and reverse lookups. The content of the messages as well as volume also play a role.

You should always conform to standards as much as possible, but likely you will never truly get around all spam filters. Some are too paranoid, some are broken and think everything is spam, some are designed to block everything not white-listed etc.

$mail->AltBody = "This is the body in plain text for non-HTML mail clients";

add this two tags and try.

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