I need my php application to be able to work with biometric device, such as fingerprint scanner. I need ideas/resources, pls.

Well I can tell you right now that it won't be able to directly interact with the device because that involves having access to the user's computer which is not possible with PHP unless it is running on the same machine.

Is it possible to put fingerprint biometrics as the authentication on my php page? I am also making a page similar to this topic.

hi, I'm from Nigeria, and i'm developing an application that involve using php to interact with a biometric device, pls your help will be greatly appreciated. you can contact me @[snipped]

plz help me
i wana a project of php with attach biometrics (fingerprint) device,this devics is not worked in php ,plz hepld me , [snipped]

it is the same as interacting with any other input,
light pen
the output of the device is compared with the stored sample on submit of the form

no more difficult than any other submitted form
the number of posts on this from 1 post wonders leads me to believe that this is a school exercise

this site is not a homework repository, you will learn nothing from having someone else do it for you

post some attempted code for remediation people
get off your butts and make an attempt

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thats what this site is for!!!
if you don't like it don't use it

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hi i want to create generic finger biometric device software by C#.net .So any one can get me some ideas for it without use of any specific sdk or dlls


So any one can get me some ideas for it without use of any specific sdk or dlls

You need to understand how complex such a task would be, and since you're asking if it can be done with PHP I can only assume that you do not know.

Ok, so I don't know specifically (how the readers, read) however, if I had to give you a quick overview then you would have to:

1) Process an image of the finger print;
2) Take details of the finger print
3) Match it with the sample data (trained).

If you understand how to do these concepts in C# then YES you could probably have this interact with PHP. For example, you could build the interface so it interacts (i.e. If the (processes) above return true, then the user can be signed in, else (processes) return false - do not let any further action).

Complex solution to this problem, without the use of libraries. I don't understand why you would want to re-invent the wheel, especially with little experience in this field (And it is a complex field). Have you tried looking at some academic papers in this field? This might be useful and provide you with an algorithm in which you can work from.

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As mentioned this is probably beyond the scope of php. You may find php-gtk could do this, but I've had massive issues with getting it to work properly - but that may be me. The documentation is quite poor too.