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I need to create three dropdown boxes (box 1:colour, box 2: price, box 3:brand) and when the user presses "GO" they are returned with the correct information, pulled from corresponding fields in my MYSQL database.

For example, colour: silver, price £100-£200, brand:samsung...should return 5 items on the page.

I do not need the dropdown boxes to populate depending on ther previous selection - they are static, so to speak. If possible, I would like the information to be retuned to my page without the URL changing, which leads me to think I will need to be ausing ajax....?

I am not sure how to do this and appreciate any help at all, even if it is sending me to a tutorial on how to do this.

Many thanks in advance,

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Sometimes it is easier to understand the work if you understand the basic, rather than having preloaded samples. So i've decided to provide you with some useful < LINK > that provides' short definition/usage, including live examples of AJAX.

But if you really need some live demo, just let us know...



Thanks for the link. I have already done some reading around Ajax, and was hopnig that someone could poijnt me in the direciton of a turotiral, or some existing code that I am after that I can change to suit.

Can anyone help with that?

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