Can anybody send me the code for selecting image from system through multipart/form. Once it is selected, there should be option for cropping with preview. There are lots of cropping codes in internet, but i couldn't find anything with jsp(all are in php and javascript). I need it in complete javascript or javascript + jsp.


In my jsp form, i have a digital signature uploading(jpg,gif,png), once the user selects the digital signature from the local system, he/she submits the form through submit button. URL/PATH will be saved in DB and image will be saved in server.

Solution required:

Before submitting the form, there should be a option for cropping the digital signature. Once the cropping is completed, only the cropped image should be saved in server and not the original image.

It would be great help if somebody can send the code.


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JSP is unable to do this because (As far as I am aware) it does not have an image library. You would need to use PHP GD as a backed or something similar. PHP is the preferred method for handling images unless you want to create a custom app in CGI or PyTHON

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