Hi frnds...

Here i am going to display albums in a table...But, all albums is display in only one row.Its looking not good in my page...So,i want to display in 2 or 3 rows..plz change this code as my requirement..


<table width="142" height="188" border="0" align="center">
 <tr align="center">

$gquery="SELECT c.category_id,c.category_name,p.photo_filename,COUNT(photo_id)
						FROM gallery_category as c
						LEFT JOIN gallery_photos as p ON p.photo_category = c.category_id
						GROUP BY c.category_id order by c.category_id desc limit 8"  ;
$res=mysql_query($gquery) or die (mysql_error());

	  <td height="109" align="center"><a href="gallery/gallery.php?id=<?php echo $id; ?>"><img src="gallery/photos/<?php echo $image; ?>"  border="0" /></a></td><?php  }?>

Hi frnds...

Sorry 4 distrubing u all....i made a small mistake...Now, just i remove my code from table..I got it ...