Hi everyone !!

I want to code a php email sending and receiving program just like gmail or yahoo.

i don't have any idea of php network programming.
Could anybody please help me how should i proceed or from where
i can get hellp on this?

Waiting for your replies.


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I you are looking for a mail handling solution written in php then the guys at squirrelmail have already beaten you to it with their excellent solution. I you wanted to start your own online mail servise (like gmail, or webmail) then their solution will also scale to your needs, HOWEVER the amount of diskspace and bandwidth required to run such a solution effectively for more than a handful of clients is inordinate, not to mention the fact that you'll need redundant servers and load handling servers and all that kind of infrastructure to stop this thing from falling flat on it's face.

But if you're still interested, just google "squirrelmail". Their main site will be your first result.

Good luck


The actual networking doesn't have to be done in PHP. The PHP can just offer a frontend such as the function of Squirrelmail. The actual mail service is a mail server, using Google you may find one very easily (even very good free ones).

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