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I have a UserControl that has a Dropdownlist. In the Hosting Page i have a Ultrawebgrid that gets updated based on the Selecteindexchange event the the dropdown. I have have another Control on the Left hand side that needs to be Updated on Selecteindexchange of the Drop down. Now the Left hand side Control Works and it gets updated but the Grid does not get updated. I have attached a link to photo of my design


Here is a Definition of my Grid

<igtbl:UltraWebGrid ID="Gridstaff" runat="server" Height="158px" StyleSetName="RubberBlack"
                                                                    <AddNewRow View="NotSet" Visible="NotSet">
                                                            <DisplayLayout BorderCollapseDefault="Separate" LoadOnDemand="Automatic" Name="ctl02xUltraWebGrid1"
                                                                RowHeightDefault="20px" SelectTypeRowDefault="Extended" Version="4.00">
                                                                <FrameStyle Height="158px" Width="400px">
                                                                <ActivationObject BorderColor="" BorderWidth="">

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Post some code from the code behind class file related to this issue. It will help us to understand the problem.

When the SelectedIndexChanged event is fired, Just check whether the DataBind method for the Grid is reached by putting a break point on that.

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it got Fired. But the Problem was that the statement


was not always true that is why it gave a Problem. i resolved this by commenting it out.