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well i hav also downlod from dat site some starter kit n hav to try it out as i am also doing 4th yr project on asp.net i reely need one full project with source code in asp.net with C# can any one help me out!!
dat would b better fro me n my carrier............


Welcome rosy87.

This is your first post. Now listen carefully - Daniweb is a place where peoples are coming from different area of world to share their knowledge.

Second, before you post any question or answer read Guideline : How to post?.

>Urgent: Asp.net help .. I want some asp.net projects with source code for reference.My database is SQL Server 2005. Please help me out.

Title of post should not be like : Urgent: Asp.net help
Do you really need asp.net help or help of daniweb members?


start building project by your own..

if you need help then i'll help you..but first get started..by yourself..

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