Hi all

I'm am using Netbeans 6.5 on ubuntu for programming PHP.

When I create an instance of a class and type "->" after the variables name, I don't get to see any methods. Even when I press CTRL-Space, it only says "No suggestions"...

Code templates do work (like typing "fnc" and pressing tab to get a function template).

Can anyone help me out please?

Thx in advance
Grts, K?!

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Here's what I do to remedy the problem. I found it after a good bit of Google searching.

I think this is all you have to do, since you likely have your work set up as a project and Netbeans should have traversed all files available to your project.

At the top of a file, above the "class" declaration, put these lines:

	* @property Database_Core $db

Here Database_Core is a class and $db is the instance of the class represented as a variable in that working file.

To call a method/property of that object inside the class, usage would look like this: $this->db->... .

I know that efforts have been undertaken to make a master 'property' file in which a list of these types of definitions are made, but personally, I haven't had a need for them.


Hmmm, I tried it, and it didn't really work.
And even if it did, if I have to do this for every variable... It would be nice if would be possible just to make it work automatically.

Thx for your effort.

Grtz, K?!


Here's some extra info: the code completion does work when programming in Java.
EDIT: And all my autocompletion options are marked. Except for "Case sensitive code completion", but that shouldn't be the problem I guess


Hi again

Sorry for posting three times in a row and answering my own threads =D.

I have installed netbeans 6.7 now and it works there. I don't know how to solve the problem in netbeans 6.5, but it doesn't really matter anymore.

Grtz, K?!

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