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I am working on an application. In this application i am using one form and in this form i am using security_code is neccessary to fill and that code should be correct. But problem is that when i am running this submit form on localhost or on my machine it is not showing that code. But when i am uploading this file on FTP and doing online this . Then it is showing that image of security code.

I do not what problem can be this. I think i will have to change something in php.ini file of my localhost . But i am not sure about this and where i will have to do changes this in php.ini file.

Please help me to solve this . I will be thankful of him.

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When you reffer to the security_code what do you mean?
Do you mean some sort of CAPTCHA or something where people enter some sort of password. Pleas be more specific in your posts and possibly post some of the code where you think the error is occuring.

If this is a CAPTCHA, it seems that it would require some sort of actual domain in order to show the image. I had a testing server (on my personal computer) set up using reCAPTCHA and I made a fake domain that my testing server could read (e.g., example.test)--it was something resembling a domain because of the "." between the words. After I set up my testing server to answer to the fake domain, I gave that fake domain to reCAPTCHA in order to give me the necessary API keys that would be associated with the fake domain. After this, I was able to see the reCAPTCHA images on my testing server.

Of course this is mere conjecture for what could be your case. As samarudge said, please give us more detailed info so we can help.

Thanks for reply,

Yes i am asking about captcha . That captcha code i am using in my form to avoid spam but that captcha code is not showing on my localhost server. Please help me to show this code in my localhost.

thanks for reply,

Yes i am asking about my captcha which i am using in a form . But in that php page this image of captcha is not showing in localhost server. Please help me to solve this and how i can show this captcha on that form in localhost. What functionality i will have to enable and where i can found this .
Please help me.

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