Purchased Car dealer script from built2go.com about a week ago. Installed on test server (so I could work on design) and also on live server ready to transfer new design when approved by client. All working for about a week, then this morning started getting error messages, on both sites, "zend not installed", then error with "search_engine.php" file (which appeared to be hosted on built2go server - not mine) then finally error connecting to dbase.

When I tried to go on to built2go website it was down and could not connect to it. It looks as though these scripts are in some way still dependant on the built2go server as I noticed that as their website seemed to partially restore (connected but blank screen) both my sites also started working again.

Does anyone have any experience with built2go scripts or have them installed - this is quite worrying that my clients website will go down when the B2G website also goes down. I will go back to their technical dept when their site is back up properly.

>Does anyone have any experience with built2go scripts or have them installed

Now I notice the B2G website has got an error

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare SearchEngine::$dateAdded in /home/webm/public_html/built2go/www/SearchEngine.php on line 52

This is also appearing ing my websites!!

PHP uses ZEND to get data from remote sites (E.G. the Google APIs get data from the google servers) so if ZEND was trying to get data from the Built2go site then it would call an error if their site is down.

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