Ive done an asp site - it all works perfectly on my local machine and also when i upload it to a test area in one of my other sites ive done (hosted by
fasthosts) but when i upload it to the clients test area it doesnt work - it
displays a page saying "page cannot be displayed" - like the page isnt there
but it is. :sad:

Ive checked the connection and its all ok, but none of the asp pages are being pulled through.

This area also has other sites on it with asp working and i cant figure out why this isnt working. would it have something to do with having
a dns less connection as all the others have dns?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Ok, the client has .NET Framework installed? You say ASP? Do you mean ASP.NET or classic ASP?

Have you restarted IIS ( or whatever the Webserver that is hosting .Net) after your upload just to make sure?

You mention uploading to the host, but then checking the conneciton. You are running in from the clients machine and viewing remotely?

Need more specifics to help..

I have a similar problem and I don't have the slightest hint of how to solve it. It has made me revert my site to html pages instead of aspx. Please somebody help!

I am having the same problem with Fasthosts and aspx.

Interestingly, my web site was working fine when I last uploaded an update, but then stopped working. I have contacted the host who state that they are using Windows servers, that there has been no update to the server and that asp is working fine.

Given all the advantages of masterpages, I really don't want to return to coding every single page.

Lets do some linear and logical troubelshooting for this issue.

First you need to make sure what is the exact error message from your ASP.NET site. To do this place add this tag under system.web.

<customErrors mode="Off"/> This will enable the default errors to the screen and you can see what is causing the issue.

Try to call the default page of your site explicitly. like www.abc.com/default.aspx and see what happens.

If it still bring page not found then check if you are using the correct .NET framework which you hosting provider supports. And also make sure you have a startup page assigned for you web app.

Then you can isolate whether it is a .NET framework issue or an DB issue. Let me know.

I am having the same problem with Windows 2003 Server on my LAN.

I have a simple website (framework 3.5) and the site not working when published on that server even though testing right on the server (localhost).

The website run well in developing enviroment and working when published on Xp Sp2 computer.

Please help me to solve the problem.

Few things to make sure on Windows 2003.

- Check the Application Pool your site is running on. Also check the permission for the Pool.
- Then check the web.config to turn on remote errors.
- Post any error message from the server.
- Check the Server Event Logs for IIS.

You need to also try to access the site locally from the Windows 2003 server first using the browse option in IIS for a given site.
Also check the default pages supported by your site on IIS and add in Documents if missing.

Let me know.