Hi all

I'm having a problem with netbeans when I try to make af form. It gives an error when it's not supposed to. At least, as far as I know it's not.

An image can say a thousand words: check the attachment.

Any help? I know this is not really about php, but I suggest there will be more people using netbeans here then in the HTML/CSS section, since netbeans is a programming environment.

Thx in advance.
Grts, K?!

Sorry for answering my own thread:
I use XHTML 1.0 strict, and it seems that the <input> tags are supposed to be within a tag like <p> or something like that, and not just in <form>.
I know this was said clearly in the error, but since w3schools had an example where <input> was just put into <form>, I didn't get it.

Is what I'm saying correct? And does anyone know, if it is correct, why this has changed in xhtml?

Because the example at w3schools is transitional, not strict.
All form elements should be used in container tags. w3schools show examples, these are meant to help get you started but they are not the best when used straight from their site, at least not with strict.

If you used transitional then it should have not caused an error.

Read more on validation to fully grasp the concept.

Uhu, I get the point. Thanks.
I have been validating html and xhtml sites before, but it's been a while, and it was only for little sites, made to practice.

I'm going to focus on the programming aspect more at this time, I'd be glad if it just works without being invalid :), tweaking will be for later :).

Thx for the reply.