How to estimate file upload time in javascript ?
to show progress bar with remaining time to upload ...

Try This. Tell me if this works.

<table align="center"><tr><td>
<div id="showbar" style="font-size:8pt;padding:2px;border:solid black 1px;visibility:hidden">
<span id="progress1">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress2">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress3">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress4">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress5">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress6">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress7">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress8">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<span id="progress9">&nbsp; &nbsp;</span>
<script language="javascript">
var progressEnd = 9; // set to number of progress <span>'s.
var progressColor = 'blue'; // set to progress bar color
var progressInterval = 1000; // set to time between updates (milli-seconds)

var progressAt = progressEnd;
var progressTimer;
function progress_clear() {
for (var i = 1; i <= progressEnd; i++) document.getElementById('progress'+i).style.backgroundColor = 'transparent';
progressAt = 0;
function progress_update() {
document.getElementById('showbar').style.visibility = 'visible';
if (progressAt > progressEnd) progress_clear();
else document.getElementById('progress'+progressAt).style.backgroundColor = progressColor;
progressTimer = setTimeout('progress_update()',progressInterval);
function progress_stop() {
document.getElementById('showbar').style.visibility = 'hidden';
//progress_update(); // start progress bar


<input type="button" name="b1" value="Start Progress Bar" onClick="progress_update()">

<input type="button" name="b2" value="Stop Progress Bar" onClick="progress_stop()">

Man i have to estimate time taken by file to upload then show the process with something like increasing percentage ..ok
the example u have given is simple trick to show arrow image

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