i was just trying the new DBMS , herd it was kinda faster than MySql in some case.
the below is the code i have taken (Standard example) and still i am getting error.


// create new database (OO interface)
$db = new SQLiteDatabase("db.sqlite");

// create table foo and insert sample data
        CREATE TABLE foo(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, name CHAR(255));
        INSERT INTO foo (name) VALUES('Ilia');
        INSERT INTO foo (name) VALUES('Ilia2');
        INSERT INTO foo (name) VALUES('Ilia3');

// execute a query    
$result = $db->query("SELECT * FROM foo");
// iterate through the retrieved rows
while ($result->valid()) {
    // fetch current row
    $row = $result->current();     
// proceed to next row

// not generally needed as PHP will destroy the connection


The error is something like this

Fatal error: Class 'SQLiteDatabase' not found in C:\wamp\www\db\db2.php on line 4

i have no idea on how to make this stuff work , i would be glad if u guys could help me out.

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well i have installed Wamp server , and everything came as a whole package.
do i have to configure it before using it...?


no i havent checked the wamp forum. But i got that error as the one shown above. , honestly have no idea wats happening...


I Sorry my english is very bad:
Un Poco tarde a mi tambien me ha pasado
solo se tiene que marcar el el servidor de wamp
php -> php Extencions -> sql_elite
php -> php Extencions -> sql_elite3
supongo que toca un fichero ini , però si lo hacen por ti :)

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