Hai Friends
While running my application i got this error. How to solve thsi error.
Plesae send me any idea.

PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/mixpublic_html/includes/common.php:244) in /home/mix/public_html/MiX/program/include/main.inc on line 673

Can you please post the code that you are having problems with?

From the info you gave I would have to say that the problem is that you are trying to send html header info to late in the program. All header info needs to be sent first thing before you send anything else.

Hai friend.

I am using open source . I have include the header file this open source. This file call more then three files. So i am not clear which file code i will send you?


I always use javascript to refresh my pages and it's very simple.
I use to use the php header function to refresh pages, but most of the times received
error messages.
So ever since, i'm using the next command:

// Refresh page
echo '<script> window.location=" '.$_SERVER.' "; </script>';


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