Hi Guys

I've built a Job Site and I want to prevent a user from
applying for the same job twice. Each record has a unique
identifier which is its PK from the database.

I was thinking of placing the ID in Cookie is this the best way?
and also how would I go about disabling an 'Apply' href link
if the job has been applied to before?

Any help would be great!


I have done job sites before and cookies seem quite ideal to block people from applying several times, just remember that depending on your audience you may have people applying from internet cafes and public computers so cookies other than session cookies may not be a good idea.
I would store the job ID's separated buy a comma and update this with every applications, it is then easy to turn the content of the cookies into an array.

Alternatively if you force user to login prior to apply you can store the applications into the database.
Hope this helps

if each job have a unique ID and every user have a unique ID,
why dont u make a database table to record it ....?
u can add the time when user apply and other data that necessary.

So if a user already apply a job, he can't do it twice coz u already have a record of it......