Hey, I m a final year Computer engineering student, I want 2 do my final year project on ASP.Net. i want 2 do a very exciting and prize winning project on dis, but I am short of ideas, I dont want 2 do any common project. Presently I am learning ASP.Net from a computer center. I also have good time 2 do dis project, So guys, please help in getting some really good ideas. Some ideas which I have in my mind is'Social Networking site' or 'sort of google earth for a locality'.

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Key factors are :
1. In-depth project-subject know-how.
2. Technology awareness. Web, Database, and so on.
3. Know-how of Programming elements - XHTML , JavaScript, CSS , PL-SQL (triggers, stored-procedure, etc), Program design - OOP, and Design pattern.


I also have good time 2 do dis project

In addition to adatapost's suggestion another key factor is the ability to spell and form sentences properly. This may not have an impact on the development of your project but it certainly will make or break the quality of it.

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Good suggession. Thanks!

Knowing all the key features provided by U, what should be the topic I should opt??


I dont want 2 do any common project

Some ideas which I have in my mind is'Social Networking site' or 'sort of google earth for a locality'

Both are excluded based on your original post.


Ya Sir, that is why I am asking the professionals, so could you please help me out on this?


I found a project in line with your social networking idea:

You could create a social networking site similar to Facebook called "WatShudIDo?", where all of the students who make posts like this could congregate and repeatedly ask each other "wat shud I do? wat did u do?". It should foster quite the spirit of community given how much they all have in common. Those who do manage to graduate and get jobs can later join a separate circle where they can have conversations like:"How do I do this?", "I dunno, how do I do this?", ad nauseum.
Sounds just grand.


wow impressive thinking sknake. indeed most most of students feel confused on what to develop when doing their projects.
I was confused too but luckly we managed to get a good one.

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