I'm having problems with aligning my header.html - I'm using a frameset with 2 rows, one for the header and one for the main area of the page. The problem is that I'm trying to use vertical-align to move my links in the Header page to the bottom of the frame. Unfortunately, the only thing that vertical-align seems to be working on, are tables... Is there any alternative method to display the links of the page at the bottom of the header frame instead?

-Regards, Ashton

Ordinary html elements are supposed to cascade, therefore they don't comply to "valign" or "vertical-aligng" css instruction statements.

There are hacks but, they spoil compatibility.

some quick solution would be to use positioning of the link container:

position: absolute;
bottom: 0px;

Otherwise I strongly suggest - you use TABLES. :D

in some browsers you could convert dhe container element to a 'table' or 'table-cell' through css-display-property - but thats not widely supported either.