Please help me. I have a site which we'll call "" that contains 3 frames. Frame 1 is stuff that never changes (header image, counter, etc). Frame 2 is a menu. Frame 3 holds the contents of whatever link is clicked in Frame 2. The problem is that I don't want people to be able to load the individual pages from the cached pages on search engines alone, because this bypasses the counter which is in Frame 1. SO, I tried using this javascript to force the frameset document "index.html" to load. PROBLEM! It "flashes" each time a link is clicked, because what it does is for some reason forces the frameset to load all over again.

Recap: Click link to open "page1.html" in new window, page opens, then forces frameset to load. Now we have the menu in Frame 2 like we should, but when any link is clicked in the menu, it doesn't load it into Frame 3, but instead REloads the frameset again.

function doFrameCheck()
	if (location.href == top.location.href)


I want to load without "index.html" and also want it to work with either "" or just "", so in essence we need to load to "" or "", thus the forward slash for the redirect. BTW, I have tried it using full domain name instead of just forward slash, and that doesnt work either.


On closer examination, it appears that this problem only occurs when opening the link from the frameset in "new window". If new browser window is opened and individual document is loaded, it does in fact load the whole frameset as desired, and all links work as they should.

I'm marking this as solved...must be a fluke that occurs when opening a link in a new window.