Hi everyone,

I have tried to copy the images in my local folder to the server using php script without using the upload function. But it displayed errors. While accessing the folder from server it displayed no such file in this directory. Can anyone help me how to copy the image in my local folder to server. Thanks for all.

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What script? What upload function?

But it displayed errors... it displayed no such file...

Please initialize your pronouns... what is "it"?

Either FTP the files, or use an editor/IDE that will FTP the files for you.



Thankyou for your nice reply.I want to copy the images from the local folder to the server place dynamically without using the file upload in php. Iam not mean the FTP upload or someother. In my script, The code checks the local folder automatically for any images available. If images available in this folder then these images are copied to server location dynamically.

Thanku once again.


I am not aware of any PHP script that will automatically upload files from a client's local system to a server. In fact, such a script would be a major security violation.

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