how do i access PHPmyadmin on the (server) system. i was given the username, password and the SFTP server for the website. is there a special url i need to go to... sorry about the NOOB question.. any suggestions?

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well when i had hosted my website on web server .
I too was given a username n password.
i guess all these have a php MyAdmin module embedded in it.
it would be somewat like
www.urdomain.com/cpanel or so.

cpanel = control panel.
(it was cpanel in my case , i guess even u would be having something like that)
from there u can access the phpMyAdmin and then i used to browse my table and export the data in any format i wanted it to.

well this was my case . i am not pretty sure in urs.


If it is a virtual server (you bought hosting from someone) then you should be able to go to the web host's site and login or send them a question as to how to do it. If it is your own server, then you need to know what your doing and set everything up yourself.

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