Hi, anybody know on how to create table like this- table editor- in MySQL?

I need to retrieve the value & compare it with the query value ( I am doing this using php).

help is really appreciated

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This seems like a pretty big project. But there are some useful tools or apps that have been developed already doing these types of things... such as: http://www.phpguru.org/static/TableEditor.html Possibly this could be used and modified to fit your needs. Have you started anything at all? Are you using a framework (like Zend... which has a lot of built in classes already done for you)?
Some more info may help you get some more answers. I hope you can figure this out. :-)


I just had a look at the demo..

but what I intend to do is to just keep the value ( similar as shown in the link) anywhere.. (anyone know??) and use the value later to compare with the query value.

thank you


if you see from the example- case base value- it looks like 2 dimensional table..
any input?

Thank you

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