I'm having trouble gaining admin access to user accounts whose names are spelled the same, with the only difference being that one is spelled in lowercase. (ex.: Bill vs bill.) When I try to bring up the lowercase account in the ACP, it always brings up the uppercase account by default. Does anyone know how I can access these lowercase accounts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I tried their website first. They've locked their phpBB 2.0 support forum, and my searches got no useful results. I would have thought that there would have been an answer there somewhere, but I couldn't get any relevant results from my searches. My question doesn't fit very neatly into a search function.


Well if I had the problem and if it was my phpBB system, I'd:
- Convert to version 3, or
- Write a short script to convert all the user names to lowercase and advise the users that it was done, and / or
- Change the registration code to force all usernames to lower case, and / or
- Make the change directly in the database when I had to do something on a user account that had this case problem. This might be just making the username lowercase manually or it might be patching a change directly into the db (but probably the first option).

From something that I read when doing a bit of searching on this, there is a "clean" lowercase version of the username in the phpBB3 database. If the same thing is there in phpBB2, maybe the access to the user record should use that instead. Depends on your comfort in making internal changes to the code.


Hi b0tman!
Thank you for putting so much effort into this,
I may have an idea:
Change the name of Willempiee to a random name.
Then you could acsess willempiee from the search engine...


Hey, it turns out that the temporary rename trick worked! (I was gonna try accessing the database, but this is a lot less complicated.)

We temporarily renamed the uppercase account so that it no longer showed up in the search list. Viola, the lowercase name became available. We edited the account, and could go back and restore the uppercase account. Quick & easy solution. A big thanks to both Chris & willempie for helping us with this. (willempie is the poor sould whose account was in need of repair.) I virtually kiss the virtual ground that you virtually walk on.:icon_lol:


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