Hello all

I am creating a page that dynamically updates as tables are added and removed from the database.

Like so:

#connect to mysql
$conn = @mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "*****")  
	                or die("Err:Conn");

#select db
$rs = @mysql_select_db("ecf_training", $conn)  
		or die("Err:Db");
$query="SELECT * FROM class";
if($num != 0){
     echo("<table class = 'courses' border = '1' BORDERCOLOR = 'black' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0'> 
		<tr class = 'black'>

	while ($i < $num) {

And that works beautifully.

But I would like to add another column in the table that will echo the number of registered users in each class.

I know the code to get that done; however, I don't know how to access each class indivually.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :)


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Sorry, I forgot to include that.

When the table is created, two queries are executed.

$result="INSERT INTO ecf_training.class(table_name, date, type, time)
	VALUES(\"$class\", \"$date\", \"$type\", \"$time\")";

$result2="CREATE TABLE ecf_training.`$class` (`FirstName` TEXT NOT NULL, `LastName` TEXT NOT NULL, `address` TEXT NOT NULL, `city` TEXT NOT NULL, `state` TEXT NOT NULL, `zip` TEXT NOT NULL,`phone` TEXT NOT NULL, `email` TEXT NOT NULL,`role` TEXT NOT NULL) 					     ENGINE = MyISAM";

#execute query
	$rs = mysql_query($result, $conn)
		or die ("Err:Query1");
	$rs2 = mysql_query($result2, $conn)

So it inserts the class information (date, time, etc) in the class table, while also creating a new table for the user's information.

And I'm looking to echo the current number of registered user's for each individual class.

Hope this helps,


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