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This can be done entirely in server side code, actually, javascript isn't exactly suited for this unless you want some sort of AJAX functionality. Why don't you tell me which server-side language you use so I point you in the right direction.


Just use some AJAX library which will make a request and put onto page returned value.
Do you need detailed script for that?


In order to keep track of number of visitors, you need something to hold on the counter value as scru said. So pure JavaScript can't do it because a client browser is local to the client machine. Also, you need to determine how you count it. You should not increase the count every time someone visits a page because someone may keep refreshing the page instead...

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GoStats is a free website analytics & website hit counter. It reports data in a real time & shows the page view, unique visitor on the website try gostats. It is easy to install & has some advance features. It might be helpful for you.

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