I have a couple of files here.
I have a form on our home page that was working until just a few minutes ago and I have no idea what has changed. It was moved from the bottom of the page to the of the page but that is all.

Now when I try to use the form it goes to the directory but says a directory listing is not allowed and does not go to the pdf file within the directory like it is supposed to.

Any help is welcome.
Code posted below

Here is the form that is on the home page:

<tr> <br>
                <td bgcolor="#003398" height="18">
                <b><font face="Arial" size="2" color="#FFFFFF">Courses</font></b></td>
                <td height="71" valign="top">
				<select size="1" name="Courses">
      <option value="Surveying_Ethics_0007604.pdf">Surveying Ethics 101 #0007604</option>
	  <option value="Florida_MTS_-_T09_0007603.pdf">Florida MTS T09 #0007603</option>
	  <option value="Florida_Laws_-_T09_0007602.pdf">Florida Laws T09 #0007602</option>
	  <option value="ContractLaw_0003790.pdf">Contract Law #0003790</option>
      <option value="DeedInterpretation_0003797.pdf">Deed Interpretation #0003797</option>
      <option value="FloridaLaws_0003789.pdf">Florida Laws #0003789</option>
      <option value="FloridaMTS_0003788.pdf">Florida Minimum Technical Standards #0003788</option>
      <option value="GeorgiaLaws_0006457.pdf">Georgia Laws #0006457</option>
      <option value="GeorgiaMTS_0006458.pdf">Georgia Minimum Technical Standards #0006458</option>
      <option value="LegalDefensesandProfessionalism_0003793.pdf">Legal Defenses and Professionalism #0003793</option>
      <option value="LegalDescriptions_0003796.pdf">Legal Descriptions #0003796</option>
      <option value="LimitationsofLiabilityandMalpracticeDamage_0003792.pdf">Limitations of Liability and Malpractice Damages #0003792</option>
      <option  value="NegligenceLaw_0003791.pdf">Negligence Law #0003791</option>
                <form method="POST" action="courses.asp">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="B1"></p>

and here is the courses.asp code that is called by the form

CoursePath = "CoursesAndSeminars/" & request("Courses")

the code itself has not been modified at all. Simply the form was moved to the top of the page in a design editor.

to visit the page in question you can view surveyors.org
the dropdown form is at the top of the page above the video.

Thank you

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seems that you have nothing to be post in form. bring your dropdown within form and then try,
i hope it will work

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