Hi dear friends,

a few days before I did a work in simple html and css. As the same service is going to add some database operations they have asked me to re do the same with php. Is it possible to add the new pages alone in php. Or do I have re do all again?

The site which has been done already using css/html is Newgenre Bpo Solutions

It' will be a great help if you can give some advice regarding this. As you can see in the site above, they need the same type of layout. So how to do this.

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I can promise you, there's nothing easier than this:
1) rename your html-file to the extension ".php" so that your parser knows it has some code to execute.
2) Everywhere you want PHP-code you can simply include it in your HTNL:

your PHP-code comes here
and HTML-style-formatting again

That's all you've to do.


Thanks for the info SDJ

Mr. Vijayakumar are you sure that just changing the extension will give the exact results?

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