I am in need of some help from a person who is willing to do so! I am trying to start up a website called FireLighters which will be a Christian website geared for teens.

Right now we are in the process of getting a design done, and have someone helping us out in that area. I have entered a partnership which presented me with an amazing oppertunity to use vBulletin (something I could not have afforded otherwise!). And a lot of things are taking shape.

I have a lot of ideas, including some Wordpress - vBulletin integration and other 'hacks' that will make the community even better! But my PHP skills are limited, and I find myself unable to do so much.

Now to the point, I am in great need of a mentor or someone who wants to help me out with this undertaking. I really want to learn, and help out, but need someone to kind of 'manage' the physical coding areas. Ultimately I'd love to have a long-term person looking to do this as a 'hobby' type of thing, and maybe even co-admin the community with me.

Thanks a lot,

I like the design. Thumbs up.

Which part of the php are you having problems with?

Thanks for your compliments - the designer I'm working with is great!

As for the PHP I have lots of ideas. One of the biggest is:
1) WordpressMU and vBulletin integration. Nothing major, just basic login and registration integration.

I am exploring lots of different and unique options, basically the sky is the limit. We have almost unlimited server space and really want to create an amazing site.

The reason I'm looking for a long term admin is because there are so many ideas. We can iron them out together, and with the other staff, and then implement them as we go.

Thanks a lot,