I have a registration page where a user will upload his/her resume. On clicking "register" button the form will sent all the data to admin. It also sends a link called "download" containing the path of the word file that the user has uploaded .On clicking download the admin is able to download the resume.

I also want to send another link saying "View as HTML" as google mail, so that the admin views the word file as html document rather than downloading it.

Anyone please suggest how will I convert the word file to html page.

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getting the text from a word document is something that only microsoft word can do. You're going to need to employ some special program or way to get the text out, as you need something that understands word files


I don't think that you want to try turning it into html. If you provide a link to a Word document it will pop up a panel to save it when you click on it. Under Internet Explorer it will open the file but that doesn't seem to be consistent in other browsers. Either way, you can save it and that addresses part of your need. Not sure how to force it to open the file in other browsers.

If you are bound and determined to go the other way, this utility goes part way by extracting text but you need to compile it and then call it from PHP using a Shell. You also lose most of the formatting. Too complicated and incomplete for my liking. catdoc


yes, its hard to convert document file into HTML. If you want any use to see his/her resume then you should provide him a link so he/she will download his/her resume and will see that.

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