Am using response.redirect() to go to another page from the current page. But it is giving me the exception "System.PlatformNotSupported",Operation not supported, change the pipeline mode of IIS.
Am working in VS 2008,IIS v5.1

Any Help??

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Are you using URL rewriting or forms authentication in your site? Please paste the _full_ exception message in code tags.


Am not using that..
Actually when the control reaches Response.Redirect(),instead of going to the page(Location) given in the method ,the control is going to the same page's page_load().


Sorry, cant share the code.
It's like I have a funtcion in the page_load() and I call that function in the very beginning of page _load().
In that function,I check for some conditions and if true,am calling the Response.Redirect() to another page.
But the control is going back to the page_load() of the same page.

I know it wont help you much.But still any help will be appreciated.


how about u put a debug on to that see the flow..
where it goes....

i think u might be checking for some session values or
some querystring...i.e your condition thing...

after debugging if your flow is correct then u r problem is really inresting...i would love to work on that..!

finish the check..and reply



I put it in the debug mode to see the control flow.
Control is coming to the page_load() , from there it is going to other function,there I have my condition. It's nothing related to the session thing. I have a grid view and am checking which item got clicked in that function. Even that also is working and then control is going to the response.redirect line. From there control again is going back to the page_load() of the same page. Before response.redirect line,am setting one session variable.

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