I have created a website where voters vote for their favourite website. I have used radiobox.
does anyone know how to count the votes in terms of percentage after the user has voted. The result should come up in a new webpage.
Also the website should not allow a voter to vote more than once. thank you all :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Is thesite running on PHP and MySQL? or does it at lesat run on some sort of Database so that once the button IE; the form, the info goes to the database and updates itself.
Then you can have a script to call it grabbing the info and showing up on your site.

Not unless your using something like java or whatever, then i dunno. LOL!


This is very basic math

100 [%] * [each selection total votes] / [the total votes for all selections]


say you have 5 website in your poll

site 1 -> total votes = 10
site 2 -> total votes = 6
site 3 -> total votes = 44
site 4 -> total votes = 68
site 5 -> total votes = 22

total votes = 150

// so now you have have everything to get the results!

example in PHP -> If you want it in different language just tell me which one!


$result = array ( '10', '6', '44', '68', '22' );

$total = array_sum ( $result );

for ( $i = 0; $i < sizeof ( $result ); $i++ )
	$percent = ( int ) ( 100 * $result[$i] / $total );

	echo "SITE " . ( $i + 1 ) . ": " . $percent . "%\n<br />\n";



so how can i restrict it so that a voter can only vote once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This will really depend on how you wish to control this, and also what kind of service you will use this on!

voting control...

1. if this is used in a session type service -> ie: username and password -> then use the username!
2. if this is not used in a session type service, then use a 'IP' flag or a cookie, if you find the visitor has cookies turned on!

Here are a few problems with (#2)...

1. Cookies are turned off via the browser on average 3 out of 10 visitors!
2. A 'IP' can (1) change or (2) be a member of forwarding proxy that many visitors will be using as the same 'IP'

Now (#2) is better because you should never base anything on what you can not control, such as javascript or cookies!

(#2) will be somewhat flawed unless your using it in a protected member type enviroment, but it will still give the best result for a simple poll!

If you would like an example of a simple 'MULTI POLL HANDLER' script with a simple but powerful 'Admin Manager', just tell me and I will whip up a quick one!


yes plz if u got one example SHOW ME THANKS!!!!!!!

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