the somewhat complex run command built below:
cmd = "" & htmlDocExe & " --webpage --fontsize 8 --fontspacing 1.3 -f " _
& """" & outPdf & """" _
& " " _
& """" & inHtm & """" _
& " --datadir " & """" & dataDir & """"

works with: shell = Server.CreateObject("wscript.shell"), runexit = shell.Run(cmd, 0, True) in asp.net with aspcompat="true"

however the same command gets a file not found with (err.number=5 err.description=file not found) using:
runexit = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(cmd)

so something is some how different with wscript vs system.diagnostics on how the command gets parsed???

my hoster godaddy, doesn't support the aspcompat="true" which is necessary to run the wscript, due to their iis security level set to medium for general hosted accounts, so that is not an option for me, i need some other way to run the program from asp.net vb

so far to run something like the htmldoc.exe program, i have only found the system.diagnostics, so i either need a way to make system.diagnostics work or find some other vb.net tool

the command get parsed out to:
d:\inetpub2\wwwroot\htmldoc\htmldoc.exe --webpage --fontsize 8 --fontspacing 1.3 -f "d:\inetpub2\wwwroot\behaveApps\file.08282009_1131.pdf" "d:\inetpub2\wwwroot\behaveApps\file.08282009_1131.html" --datadir "d:\inetpub2\wwwroot\htmldoc"

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That requires full trust for your assembly in IIS on the hosting provider --- and for the very reason you're describing I don't know of many providers that allow it. I'm not sure you can get that to work.

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