Hi to everyone,

I have been trying to activate "remember me" option in login page of my site. But I have some errors while executing this option. Can anyone help me to solve the problem or any correct URL for activating cookies.

Thanks to all..

Whether or not to save/store cookies is a user option. If a user decides to clear their cookies, there is nothing you can do about it.

Hai tgreer,

Thanks yo your nice reply. If the user didnt check the Remember me option it does nothing. But if the user wants Remember me option then we would save the username and password in cookie. For that I need some help. Anyone give URL for cookie set.


Creating cookies is simple. Use the System.Web.HttpCookie class.

HttpCookie newCookie = new HttpCookie("myCookie");
newCookie.Expires = #12/31/2008#;

That's untested code.

Whoops! For some reason I thought we were in the ASP.NET forum. Sorry, and thanks for the correction.

Hi tgreer,

Its not a problem. I found the way for set cookies for Remember me option in login page. Anyway thanku for your useful reply..