I have an existing JSP website which I would like to painlessly add CMS functionality to.

The site is a intranet portal and is backed by a database etc. however some pages like News and Events etc. I would like the user to be able to edit using a simple CMS. I would also like the user to be be able to create new pages and put them into the navigation system, like joomla does for PHP websites.

At the backend i am using mtsql database.

Now I could clearly code my own simple CMS but not wanting to reinvent the wheel is there any existing CMS that can be added to existing site and take advantage of the Master Pages model that I already have.

EDIT I have looked at Joomla, dotCMS, Jahia but as far as I can tell these can't be easily retro fitted. I also want to avoid (if possible) writing my own system using the FCK editor.

Thanks in advance

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Not having seen your site, I would suggest that you might want to consider the feature to "wrap" existing web pages within your new CMS site. The navigation might then be at two levels so it might have to be re-worked a bit. I use Website Baker which has this feature but I know that there is a similar capability in Joomla.

If you want to see a working example, send me a PM.

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