i have visual studio 2005 installed in my computer and i am using oracle as server. i am not able to write the connection string in the web.config.
from control panel-> add administrative tool->data odbc->system dsn
i have added a dsn 'data'.
database name is employee
please help me. it's very urgent.

Why aren't you able to write it? You don't know where to put it or you're getting file system errors .... ?

If you are using Oracle database, then you can use System.Data.OracleClient namespace. This namespace does not require ODBC DSN name. I suggest not to use OleDb and Odbc namesspaces which may need to create DSN names.

But Microsoft announced it is deprecating Microsoft OracleClient(System.Data.OracleClient namespace), a Microsoft-built .NET data provider for the Oracle Database because third-party providers, such as Oracle, offer superior ADO.NET providers. For existing Microsoft OracleClient developers, this is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET), which is free to download from OTN. In recent years, Oracle has added new features to ODP.NET for performance tuning, user-defined types, advanced queuing, RAC connection pooling, and supporting multiple ODP.NET client versions simultaneously on the same machine. If you use ODP.NET, then you need to use Oracle.DataAccess.Client namespace.

Also visit this link. http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/cook-vs08.html

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