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i want to install backtrack 5 r1
i downloaded iso format from their website
i load it with oracle vmware (virtual machine in order to install it )

i run install on back track 5 screen

after that passing through time selection and keyboard setup i come to partion manger

so i want to know how to select parition in back track 5 installation

when i booted backtrack 5 its say no operating system installed on this system although am running windows

also by selecting manual parition option i did not see any of my drive there so that i select and procced installation

i have one empty parition of 10Gb i want to isntall backtrack 5 in it so please tell me how to i set this parition during installation procedure

That's because you are using VMware so it reads only the partition space which you had selected earlier during creating new machine. So, in this case you should select the whole disk. In case you want to install it besides the windows you should insert the live CD and reboot and start the setup, here you will see the whole hard disk size and choose the size that suites you. NOTE BT5 needs over than 7 GB for just the file system

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