Is there a site that will tell you how to make a traffic exchange using PHP and MySQL or is this something that is better to get a script for? :?:

I am trying to learn PHP the best I can and it is difficult to learn how to make truely dynamic content rich sites that look proffessional.

I was trying to make a traffic exchange that would stand out not look like another carbon copy of every other traffic exchange.

Let me know what you guys think ;)

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hmmm sounds to me like if you are reading some other site or usign a pre-made script then your traffic exchange won't really be something original but more of a "carbon copy of every other traffic exchange"

Why don't you write down all the features you want in your site, and take 1-3 days thinking about your database/tables... remember this is going to be a HUGE factor in the site's performance, not just now but when it starts to grow and you need to add more to it.

If you have any questions with coding any particular feature for this site then come and ask, I will be more than happy to help. Do you know how to perform multiple table search queries usign mysql? do you know the design of your tables for your database yet? if you want to keep them private then feel free to send me a private message/email and I will help you out.


thanks for your support you gave me alot to start on the planning phase. I am gonna brainstorm on this and see if i can find a structure that will benfit everone involved and then see if i can get you to help with areas that are hard for me

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