Always felt that Flash and Browser Incompatabilties hurt the development of DHTML (except for MENUS)

Who knows how far it would have developed ;)

Also STYLE FILTERS are another I.E. gem

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I feel the same way, but in addition to that also the broadband internet helped to hurt the devolpment of DHTML, broadband making it more easier for the flash to be utilized and more user friendly by not having to wait forever for it to load now a days.

thats a great site with examples, especially because it shows what works with IE and what doesn't...IMO opinion everything should be cross browser compatible for the 5 most used browsers

may be u guys r right, but still i feel dhtml is having its own beauty. Browser compatibility problem could be handled through professional coding.

<script type="text/javascrip" language="javascript">
	function CreaTable(divtable)
		var tagtable=document.createElement("table");
		var tagBody=document.createElement("tBody");
		var nDong=txtSoDong.value;
		var nCot=txtSoCot.value;
		for(var i=0;i<=nDong;i++)
			var tagTr=document.createElement("tr");
			for(var j=0;j<=nCot;j++)
				var tagTd=document.createElement("td");
				var textNode=document.createElement(i+""+j);

@haiconsoba and what is meaning of that code? Any reason for reopening old thread?

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