I have a website with three prouct pages. I only use one support page where users have a form facility to enter their information. Each product page includes sublink like features, benefit, support. My problem is when a user click on a support link (exactly from a product page) it goes to main support page and a select value (e:Select Product - Voice Logger) is selected as default. This value will be changed according to users click on product page. The support form has additional field like name, email, contact no. etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated..Sorry for my poor english..

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pass a query string from hyperlink in the support page,and catch that in the main support page..select values accroding to that querystring from db.

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Thankyou for your reply. I am not using database for this project. It is a static website having 70 + variety pages. Only one support page is there for every sub product page.Can you tell me how can be done it without Database. Anyway your answer is great help for me, thankyou

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