Hi All,
I want to incorporate chat room in my Website (Currently still on WAMP). What chat software is good? Is it easy to write mine from the scratch? Any tutorials if that is possible?

Thanks Guys!

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I would suggest that if your very experienced in php then it is by far best to write your own starting from a template. The template I would recommend is the Microsoft PHP MSN Messenger Online Open Source Template. With this users can log into your chatroom using their regular msn details. Although the example for this template has a few bugs and it is written in oop, it is well worth it if your experienced enough.

However if you have limited experience in php then I would suggest to google for a fully working template that you can straight away embed into your website and make a few minor changes to.



I used this on my phpbb forum. worked well.

if you have to ask how difficult it's gonna be - too hard for now

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Thanks for information. I'm not very experienced PHPer, and I have alot to learn. But I downloaded for learning purposes. Thanks for the link

Thanks for the link. I will download and integrate with my phpBB3
Thanks alot for pointing that.

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