Over on my site, I have a list of PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusive games:


However, each item in the list is colored differently depending on whether it's solely exclusive to the console, exclusive to the console but has a PC version, or exclusive to PS3 or 360 but then also has a Wii or PS2 version.

I'm looking for a list script that will allow me to put this list in and then allow sorting options to only show those colored in red, or only show those colored in purple, etc.

Can you guys lend me a hand?

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I'd use jQuery to simply sort the list...
Remember to include jquery.js before this script... (and please edit and add to it...)

   $('a.show#red').click(function(){ /*When a link with the class show, id red is clicked...*/
    showColor('#fffccbb'); //Show color (color value (in style attribute);
   $('a.show#orange').click(function(){ //Same, but for orange.


function showColor(color){
$('.content li').hide(); //Hide all li's in the class content
$('.content li[style^="color: '+color+'"]').show('slow'); /*Fade in the li with the color specified.*/
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