I'm working in VBScript and want to sort a multidimensional array on two of the columns in it. I've got a function (based on TONS of examples around the Net) that is sorting on one column, but I can't seem to get how to then do a second column. I'm not seeing a lot when searching, either. Is there a known algorithm or something for doing a sort on multiple columns? Someone must have done this before!!

Alternatively, how might I go about taking a request.forms collection, putting that into a two dimensional array (forms name, forms name value) and then in turn splitting the name and putting that into an array? Ehh, that's a bit confusing....here's what I'm trying to do:

I'm building a form dynamically, and building the input names from dynamic data. My forms collection then looks like this - I have a number of name,value pairs like this:

IDNum_CODE_fieldname, value

Ultimately, I want to do something like "update tablename set fieldname=value where idkey=IDNum and codetype=CODE" So I want to parse/split the forms name shown above. Since I'll have common IDNum and CODEs, I want to group them by sorting.

Hope this is a little clearer, and thanks for any info!

here's something that might get you on the right track

try sorting by secondary field first then sort again by primary

Thanks for the help! I think I tried that, and all it did was first sort by the second column, and then sort by the first column, independent of what had already been sorted. I think it was the function I was using. Anyway, I gave up on that, and did something else. I ended up just sending over my "value" as IDNum_CODE_fieldname_value, and then sorting that. Sorting a single dimension array is easy, and then I just parsed it out once it was sorted that way. Sometimes the quick and dirty way is right under my nose :-/ Thanks again!

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