I'm new to the web development world. Is there a script , software, tool that I can post my Form Data to and it can then control and manage all the places that data needs to go to.

For example: User fills out a Form on my website, I'd like to post to my database, the client database, send me the user's information as well as send the client an email notification.

It might be asking a lot. If that solution exists, it seems easier than learning how to code all that.

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Why wouldn't you want to learn it? What your describing is not at all difficult to do with the most basic queries and a simple mail() function.

My suggestion for you being new to the 'web development world' is that you'll go nowhere fast without at least the basics under your belt. Start with any one of the hundreds of tutorials available on the net and you might be surprised with how far even the basics will get you.

I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say I would be more than happy to help if you are having a problem with your work as long as you show that you at least made an attempt to understand the code you are working with.

As far as what you are looking for, that will have to manually coded to suit your own needs. There may be scripts that will get you close, but never give you exactly what you want.

Good luck to you.


If you don't wanna code, why on earth did you join a coding forum? Just to say "two fingers to you geeks"? Stick to Google. You'll get a script, but I doubt if you'll know what to do with it. Your choice.


I agree with what everyone else said. There are solutions to make things easier, frameworks for instance make building forms/database input easier and faster, but without knowing your way around is going to make installing a framework, and making it work for you, instead of against you, pretty difficult.

good luck.


Tutorial sites/online lessons and so on would be great too.

However, I don't know the terminology or the correct name for what it is I'm looking to do. Trying to use Google, when you don't at least have the name of what you're looking for makes things slightly difficult (for me at least).

Could someone help me with that?

Thanks for all your help and suggestions. It's much appreciated.


There are boat loads of tutorial sites out there such as http://w3schools.com or http://www.tizag.com. Obviously, your looking for a php tutorial. You'll also need to know how to set up and interact with a MySql database (assuming one is available to you). A lot of the php tutorial sites I've seen cover that area as well.

So to keep from being long-winded here, Google 'php tutorials', start with the infamous "Hello World" and work your way up to basic INSERT, SELECT, etc. queries and you will writing a script to accomplish what you need in no time flat. What you're trying to do is very basic so it should take you no time at all considering you put some time into it.

The advantages of writing your own script out-weighs the advantages of having one handed to you 100:1 easily. Get yourself started and if you have any questions at that point you can always come back here to ask.

Good luck.

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Best way is to buy a book on PHP/MySQL - try Amazon. O'Reilly books are pretty good as are those by Wrox. Although you'll see a few PHP6 books out there any PHP5 books will be fine. I started with Beginning PHP from Wrox - pretty good on the whole. Online tutorials are all well and good, but are not necessarily peer reviewed or edited, so quality/accuracy may be a problem. Any arse could create a tutorial and post it online. I know I have, and have been embarrassed by the number of errors I later found.


After you have ardav's recommended

look at how "they" do almost what I want for keys and hints to write one that does Exactly What I Want

"they"::: are dozens- hundreds of form handling scripts for download at various php script repository sites, never exactly what you want, but they provide hints

Get Beginning PHP first

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